ETS 2 Next Generation Scania P G R S v 2.5.8 1.49, One of the most beloved and acclaimed simulation genres in the gaming world is truck driving. Due to its association with truck driving games, it garners significant interest and popularity overall. With realistic physics and game engine, there awaits a structure that will captivate the hearts of players. In this content, we will also share with you the ETS 2 Next Generation Scania P G R S v 2.5.8 1.49. If you wish, we can proceed to the necessary information about the mod.

ETS 2 Next Generation Scania P G R S v 2.5.8 1.49

Truck enthusiasts generally have a great interest in simulation games. The this mods is also generally favored. For this reason, we are sharing the Next Generation Scania P G R S v 2.5.8 1.49 mod with you. Being a long-time favorite and well-received vehicle mod, I believe you will also enjoy it. The mod is fully compatible with the game. We personally test the mods before sharing them with you. This ensures that there won’t be any issues when you install them on the compatible version of the game. Our ETS 2 mod shares have been particularly well-liked by players lately. Therefore, I highly recommend checking out the games in our category.


The 2.0 update obviously brings in the long avaited P and G Series, but there are also some nice additions.
This is the changelog (or atleast all the things i remembered)
– P cab (made in kind coopereation with Yukine, hats off to him)
– G cab (own development)
– New spoilers system (roof and side deflectors are bought separetly now)
– New 65 cm spoiler (P and G only now)
– Raised options for spoilers
– New rear fender system (fender top is bought separetly now)
– New medium-height fender top (doesn’t clip with trailers)
– New side storage options
– Changed 5th wheel
– 540 hp engine option
– Air filter as separate accessory
– localization tweaks
– Reworked side panels
– a small extra accessory (try to find it ???? )


Update: 5 Jan
-Steering wheels fix (Backlights is now switchable)

Changes 2.5.7
-Updated DLC Support for:
*Mighty Griffin DLC
*Cabin DLC
*No grey Plastic
*HS Schoch DLC
-Updated the dashboard & steering wheel backlights
-Bugs fixes

Changes 2.5.6
-Updated All Steering wheel and dashboard lights
-Compatibility update for 1.49

Changes 2.5.5
-Updated DLC Addons
-Fixed bugs and errors
-Truck is updated to 1.48

Update: 16 Apr
– Fixed dealership
– Added missing material for mirrors
– Optimization
– Updated truck data

Update for 1.47

Update 22-14-11
-fixed navigation issue
-fixed steering wheel not visible

Changelog v2.5.4 from 12.11.22
Fixed the problem with GPS
Added new steering wheels

Update 23 Oct:
– 1.46 update
– fog light glass fix

1.45 Update fix

Update 12 May – fix for v1.44

Fixed Bug with Chassis 6×2

Changelog v2.5.1 from 19.12.21
sound definition fixes

Changelog v2.5.1
Update for 1.43

Changelog v2.4.1 Release
– Angles morts stickers accessories for all cabs
– Front camera model
– GPS brightness fix

Changelog v2.4 [upd 10.0821]
– P and G series for quick jobs
– Dark indicators fix, thanks to galimim for temporary solution (it’s not final, because some buttons are too bright, hazard button is grey, illumination works with light switch, etc.

Changes v2.4
– Bug fixes for 1.41 patch
– Bug fixes in SISL pack patch, please redownload
– Customisable Multimedia screen. (Advanced FM + Premium-GPS,FM,Carplay,Camera. Turn on and off with ignition). Don’t forget to buy it for your owned trucks. (known bug – brightness of backlight does not adjust)
– Separated Climate control unit. Turn on and off with ignition. Don’t forget to buy it for your owned trucks. (known bug – brightness of backlight does not adjust)
– Separated Roof shelf on rear wall + added for Normal Cab (Top bed will come in future hopefully). Known bug – changes not visible in exterior view
– Some Black Gloss parts (headlight trim, mirrors, etc.)
– Retro style Mudflaps
– Customisable Trailer cables and hoses (black and coloured)
– Something else I might have forgotten

Changelog v2.3.2
– 1.41 proper update
– Fixed problems with P and G interiors
– Fixed other bugs
– Customisable Multimedia screen (buy it on your owned trucks)
– Separated Climate Control (buy it on your owned trucks)
– Separated Roof Shelf on back wall, added it for Normal cab (top bed coming in future)
– Something else, i can’t remember.

Changelog v2.1.2 from 19.05.20
SW verion is updated too.
UV problem and collisions on 6×2/4 fixed

Changelog v2.1.1 from 15.05.20
– fixed 6x Long V8 Sideskirts
– fixed 6x Short skirt (bad texture)
– fixed window flags placement (R/S Series)
– removed unfinished rigid S-series chassis
– some more small fixes

Changelog v2.1
Update for 1.37
and some other stuff
[s/poiler] WARNING!

A couple of disclaimers:
– Not all of the announced features are included in this update: 40mm bumper, top exhausts, rigids are not ready.
– Mighty Griffin DLC support for P & G series will follow a bit later (needs more polishing and tweaks)

About Mod

Credit: Eugene
Game Mode: ETS 2 Truck Mods
Mode Type: Truck

ETS 2 Next Generation Scania P G R S v 2.5.8 1.49 Download

In this content, we are sharing the ETS 2 Next Generation Scania P G R S v 2.5.8 1.49 mod download with you. With this, you can quickly install the mod by downloading it. To avoid any problems in the mod section, I recommend using the compatible version. This way, you won’t encounter any freezing or crashing issues in the game.

How To Install?
Download the ETS 2 Next Generation Scania P G R S v 2.5.8 1.49 Mod to your computer from the link below. Open the Documents folder on your computer. Then, navigate to the Mod folder within the Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. Finally, place the downloaded .scs file into this folder.

Download Mod

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