Assetto Corsa BMW X5M PUSHIN P TUNED, one of the most successful and beloved names in the racing arena. Therefore, saying that it comes to mind first when it comes to racing among players will be one of the most accurate statements. So how can you make Assetto Corsa even more enjoyable? This is where Assetto Corsa mods come into play. There are many different mods made by mod makers. With these mods, you can turn your games into a more enjoyable and fun experience. In this content, we are sharing the BMW X5M PUSHIN P TUNED Mod download with you.


It is possible to say that both racing and simulation categories make Assetto Corsa game more enjoyable. For this reason, many mod makers develop Assetto Corsa mods in this field and share them with players. This makes the game much more enjoyable. As you know, in racing games, the most important thing is the vehicles. The fastest and most valuable cars are divided into two. While some treat classic racing cars as rare, others race without mercy. As modders, we share many different game modes with you in this regard. You can quickly access many mods related to Assetto Corsa from the categories and easily see the mods waiting for you.


Power 846 whp
Torque 1071 Nm
Weight 2405 kg
Top Speed 300 km/h (limiter removed)
Acceleration 3.60s 0-100
Power Ratio 2.84 kg/hp

About Mod

Credit: Junior
Game Mode: Assetto Corsa Car Mods
Mode Type: Car

Assetto Corsa BMW X5M PUSHIN P TUNED Download

In this content, we are sharing the Assetto Corsa BMW X5M PUSHIN P TUNED mod download with you. With this, you can quickly install the mod by downloading it. To avoid any problems in the mod section, I recommend using the compatible version. This way, you won’t encounter any freezing or crashing issues in the game.

Download Mod

File File size
bmw_x5m_pushin_p_tuned 84.53 MB

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