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Kassbohrer Maxima XS v1.1

Kassbohrer Maxima XS v1.1

ETS 2 Kassbohrer Maxima XS v1.1, One of the most beloved and acclaimed simulation genres in the gaming world is truck driving. Due to its association with truck driving games, it garners significant interest and popularity overall. With realistic physics and game engine, there awaits a structure that will captivate the hearts of players. In this content, we will also share with you the Kassbohrer Maxima XS v1.1. If you wish, we can proceed to the necessary information about the mod.

ETS 2 Kassbohrer Maxima XS v1.1

Truck enthusiasts generally have a great interest in simulation games. The this mods is also generally favored. For this reason, we are sharing the Kassbohrer Maxima XS v1.1 mod with you. Being a long-time favorite and well-received trailer mod, I believe you will also enjoy it. The mod is fully compatible with the game. We personally test the mods before sharing them with you. This ensures that there won’t be any issues when you install them on the compatible version of the game. Our ETS 2 mod shares have been particularly well-liked by players lately. Therefore, I highly recommend checking out the games in our category.


– Autonomous;
– High-quality 3D model;
– Ownable;
– Registered in a separate slot;
– Cable support;
– Baked textures;
– Animation of supports;
– skins;
– Template.

About Mod

Credit: Maxim Bednov, ModsTrade
Game Mode: ETS 2 Trailer Mode
Mode Type: Trailer

ETS 2 Kassbohrer Maxima XS v1.1 Download

In this content, we are sharing the ETS 2 Kassbohrer Maxima XS v1.1 mod download with you. With this, you can quickly install the mod by downloading it. To avoid any problems in the mod section, I recommend using the compatible version. This way, you won’t encounter any freezing or crashing issues in the game.

How To Install?
Download the ETS 2 Kassbohrer Maxima XS v1.1 Mod to your computer from the link below. Open the Documents folder on your computer. Then, navigate to the Mod folder within the Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. Finally, place the downloaded .scs file into this folder.

Download Mod

File File size
ModsTrade_Kassbohrer_Maxima_XS.scs 183.67 MB

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