Scania XT Pack v2.2.1

ETS 2 Scania XT Pack v2.2.1 Mod, One of the most beloved and acclaimed simulation genres in the gaming world is truck driving. Due to its association with truck driving games, it garners significant interest and popularity overall. With realistic physics and game engine, there awaits a structure that will captivate the hearts of players. In this content, we will also share with you the Scania XT Pack v2.2.1. If you wish, we can proceed to the necessary information about the mod.

ETS 2 Scania XT Pack v2.2.1

Truck enthusiasts generally have a great interest in simulation games. The this mods is also generally favored. For this reason, we are sharing the Scania XT Pack v2.2.1 with you. Being a long-time favorite and well-received trailer mod, I believe you will also enjoy it. The mod is fully compatible with the game. We personally test the mods before sharing them with you. This ensures that there won’t be any issues when you install them on the compatible version of the game. Our category


– Separated the original unitary bumpers into bumper, front mask and grill inlays
– Four bumpers (painted and duty, with and without foglights)
– Three front masks (painted, matt black and dark gray)
– Two grille inlays (painted and black)
– Defaults and overrides to make all the parts switch when you select a bumper (defaults to black with gloss ribs on normal bumpers; black with black ribs on XT)
– Load before Eugene’s “No Gray Parts” addon, as it has definitions for the gray bumpers to make it compatible with the SCS trucks
– Included Kelsa MinibarXL has additional locators to allow LAZER ST8 extra lights (no lights included)

New for 1.1:
– Completely new bumper model, much more detailed + (painted version, with or without foglight covers)
– Reworked XT badge
– Foglights now only turn on if the lights are high-beam
– Small accessories to customize the bumper as much as possible (folding step, doorsteps, optional license plate)
– Headlight grills separated (plastic and paint)
– Added support for Scania P and G by Eugene
– Added additional bumper (plastic and paint)
– Added painted mirrors
– Added F. Kelleher skin for Scania R
– Added Kelsa MinibarXL
– Added optional V8 badge
– Added several new badges, including painted ones
– Fixed XT skin not showing up with factory colors.

About Mod

Credit: Blade1974, Eugene, TheNuvolari, and Winchester1979
Game Mode: ETS 2 Parts Tuning Mod
Mode Type: Parts Tuning

ETS 2 Scania XT Pack v2.2.1 Download

In this content, we are sharing the ETS 2Scania XT Pack v2.2.1 mod download with you. With this, you can quickly install the mod by downloading it. To avoid any problems in the mod section, I recommend using the compatible version. This way, you won’t encounter any freezing or crashing issues in the game.

How To Install?
Download the ETS 2 Scania XT Pack v2.2.1 Mod to your computer from the link below. Open the Documents folder on your computer. Then, navigate to the Mod folder within the Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. Finally, place the downloaded .scs file into this folder.

Download Mod

File File size
xt_addons_2.2.1.scs 24.51 MB

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