SP Clothes Decals Patch


Since the release of the Gunrunning update back in 2017, there’s a bug (only fixed on Gen 9 so far) that causes the clothes decals of Franklin, Michael* and Trevor to be invisible when playing with the launcher in offline mode or without an internet connection.
This mod duplicates all the decals (as add-on) in different clothing slots, making them usable. The only downside is that they need to be applied manually

*There’s also a second bug (unfixed on all platforms) where the T-Shirts that Michael can purchase from Vespucci Movie MasksĀ are instead set to the gray suit jacket

All 3 characters will have they’re clothes (plus tattoos, beards, etc.) reset to the default components the first time the game is loaded with the mod.
Although saving the game with the mod installed gets rid of this problem, I don’t recommend doing it (or at most, saving in a different slot) just to avoid any possible unknown issue

– OpenIV.asi
– “mods” folder

– Move the “spdecalspatch” folder in “mods\update\x64\dlcpacks” and add “<Item>dlcpacks:/spDecalsPatch/</Item>” to the “dlclist.xml”
– Optional (Menyoo Outfits Presets): move the “!spDecalsPatch” folder in the “Menyoo\Outfit” folder. Use the “Apply Clothing & Attachments” option to apply the top and decal components


– Added the decal of the police uniform for Michael and a “Cop” outfit preset

About Mod

Credit: Alex106
Game Mode: GTA5 Player Models
Mode Type: Ped

GTA5 SP Clothes Decals Patch Download

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